Monday, September 13, 2010

PRINCESS BEN by Catherine Gilbert Murdock-REVIEW

Princess Ben’s(short for Benevolence) parents are killed by assassins. Her aunt(the queen) takes it upon herself to groom the princess to become the next queen. Ben goes from being loved and cherished by her parents to being put in a tower and punished by her aunt.

While trying to find a way out of her tower the Princess finds a hidden portal leading to another part of the castle. At the very top of the castle is a room full of magic. Princess Ben soon learns how to create earth, wind, fire and water. She also learns how to fly a broom!

With war fast approaching she overhears her aunt plotting to marry her off to the enemy that supposedly killed her parents. She wants none of it. When she meets the prospective groom she does everything in her power to make him not like her. She succeeds. The only problem is that he soon starts playing a very romantic role in her dreams.

While running away she is mistaken as a boy and led right into the enemy camp. She must find a way back to her aunt so that she can alert the castle that the enemy has found a way to make a surprise attack on their castle and land.

Princess Ben is a delightful fairytale. Full of adventure, magic, dragons, prince and princesses and of course the “happily ever after” which is always my favorite part!

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