Thursday, September 30, 2010

DUST CITY by Robert Paul Weston-REVIEW

Henry Whelp lives in a reformatory for troubled boys called the Home for Wayward Wolves. He’s been there since his father was thrown in jail for killing Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. He’s been mad at his father ever since and embarrassed when people bring it up. He doesn’t like people thinking he is going to twist off and go on a killing spree like his dad, but everyone thinks killing is in his blood.

Henry lives in Dust City, a dark and dangerous place known for its black market dust. Dust is a mind-altering drug that has the entire population addicted. The wolves, foxes, ravens, and hominids all crave dust to make them feel better and heal their sicknesses. At one time, the dust was a good and magical thing – actual fairy dust given out by the fairies themselves in order to make people live up to their potential. Something has happened to all the fairies though. They have disappeared without a trace and the only way to fill the need is for the thaumaturgical companies to create synthetic dust to push on the public.

Henry has always tried to stay away from dust and only accepts it when administered by medical personnel. He is afraid it will turn him into a killer like his father, but when there is a murder at the Home where he lives, Henry is forced to hunt for the truth about it, what really happened the night his father killed Little Red and her grandma, and what happened to the fairies. With the help of Fiona, a beautiful she wolf, Henry jumps into the world of the black market, hoping he can find his way out again.

DUST CITY is so creative. The mix of different fairy tale characters and story lines is amazing. Cindy Ella is the headmaster at the Home for Wayward Wolves. The policeman on Henry’s case is Detective White (Snow White) and Jack (Beanstalk) is Henry’s best friend. As soon as I read the first page I was hooked. These wolves aren’t the typical wolves we’ve seen in fantasy novels lately so if you are in the mood for something unique, give this one a try.


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