Monday, September 13, 2010

YOU by Charles Benoit-REVIEW

Kyle is a hoodie – one of those kids that sits in the back of the class, tries not to be noticed, doesn’t do his homework (only because he doesn’t see the point), and dresses in the same “uniform” every day – black jeans, black shirt, black hoodie. You can find hoodies in every school even though they might be called something else – slackers, freaks, stoners. Whenever you see them walking down the hall or through the mall you don’t know exactly what to expect – you just know it won’t be good.

YOU by Charles Benoit provides a glimpse into the mind of Kyle. By writing in a second-person point-of-view, the reader actually walks around inside Kyle’s head. You are the character going through the story.

•You are the one listening to the teachers explain how important it is you turn in all your work the rest of the grading period even though you still won’t be able to pass the class.

•You are the one attending Midlands High School because your grades weren’t good enough to go to the private school with the people you already know.

•You are the one with a secret crush on a girl you’re afraid you have no chance with.

•You are the one who thinks  your cute, kindergarten sister is the best person you know.

•You are the one with a tragic end.

Kyle is a good guy. Is he misunderstood? No – he projects exactly what he wants to project. The people in his life don’t give him a reason to do anything different. EVERY educator needs to read this book!

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