Thursday, September 15, 2011

CASCADE by Lisa T. Bergren-REVIEW

The She-Wolves of Siena are back! This time they transport their mother with them. Months have passed since last Gabi and Marcello said good-bye. They find that their love for each other has not dimmed with time. But as always danger lurks around every corner!

Once again Gabi and Lia find themselves exercising the skills that gave them their name "She-Wolves". Separated from Marcello and Luca the girls find themselves being hunted by Lord Greco. He is determined to find them and take them back to Firenze to use as leverage in the coming war.

With daring rescues and fierce battles Cascade does not disappoint as a sequel to Waterfall. And who can pass up finally meeting Lord Greco that everyone has been talking about?

And now...on to Torrent!

Sexual Content: besides hunky guys and a few kisses there isn't anything sensual or offensive
Language Content: None
Violence: Lots of fighting and killing. Nothing overly descriptive.


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  1. So glad you've stayed immersed in the River of Time, Julie! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on TORRENT.


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