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Alex, a typical, teenage boy is left alone for the weekend because he refused to go away with his parents to his Uncle’s farm. He quickly regrets his decision after the unthinkable happens. A volcano in Yellowstone National Park erupts, sending ash across the entire country. Forced to leave after the destruction of his home, Alex decides to try and make it to his family the only way he can – on foot. Taking only what he can carry, he sets out on a dangerous journey hoping for the best.

Alex encounters many obstacles along the way – many extremely dangerous. When he can’t go any further he is lucky enough to come across a farmhouse with people willing to help. Darla, a girl a couple of years older than him, and her mother seem to be making it so far. Darla’s mechanical abilities have allowed her to rig things up to help them stay fed. But, after disaster strikes, Darla is left with no choice but to leave with Alex as he continues his journey to his family. Will their food and water last? Can they stay away from the desperate people willing to do anything to survive? Will his family even be there when he gets to the farmhouse?

ASHFALL is a page-turner. The fact that a scenario like this could really happen makes you stop and think. How long could you make it on the food and water you have at home? Could you protect yourself from people willing to do anything to take what you have? Mike Mullin does a great job putting Alex in situations that I feel would be very likely to happen. He doesn’t allow Alex to get through the story unscathed and I appreciate it. Realistically, what teen could make it hundreds of miles on foot through dangerous conditions without running into some MAJOR trouble? I also appreciate how the author handled the relationship between Alex and Darla. Mike Mullin created two intelligent, responsible characters and it was a pleasure to take this journey with them. Something else I like is that Darla is a strong and smart girl and Alex isn’t intimidated by that at all. He realizes she is smarter than him in many aspects of survival and allows her to lead the way when it is necessary.

I can’t wait for the sequel, ASHEN WINTER set to come out October 2012.

Sexual Content= There is discussion of sex.  It is done in a very matter-of-fact, responsible manner.  There is nothing graphic at all.
Language Content=  There is some strong language when Alex and Darla come into contact with dangerous people.
Violence Content= VERY violent. There is a lot of hand-to-hand combat, a rape scene, and a lot of blood. There are a couple of instances of animal butchering that is described.

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  1. Loved this book too! Can't wait for Ashen Winter as well. :)


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