Saturday, March 5, 2011


ANATOMY OF A BOYFRIEND has been out for a long time and I've always been drawn to the cover, but never gotten around to reading it until now. Why did it take so long you might ask? Well, I just never got around to purchasing it, but since my ebook spurt lately it was only a click of a button away. I'm glad I finally read it.

This is the story of first love. First head-over-heels, can't-think-of-anything-but-him kind of love. Dominique (Dom) is a serious girl and dreams of becoming a doctor. She keeps a Gray's Anatomy reference book by her bed and for fun has her parents time her playing the game Operation in order to improve her fine motor skills.

Dom has great parents, a supportive best friend, and now that she's met Wes, a super boyfriend. Before Wes, Dom's never been interested in guys. She doesn't want to talk to them, much less hook up with them like her best friend does all the time. But, all that changes with Wes. Together they share many firsts and soon Dom's life is a whirlwind of emotions.

Daria Snadowsky has written a very believable story about first love. The events in the story are very realistic. Everything from the obsessiveness Dom feels to the sexual experiences her and Wes share (even going so far as showing Wes getting most of the sexual gratification because Dom is unsure of how to be pleasured and is too shy to talk to Wes about it).

The only aspects of the story that bothered me, at times, were these:

1) Dom's obsessiveness (even though I said it was realistic, it still got on my nerves.

2) We didn't get to see enough of the love story develop. There was a little friendly conversation, a tad of flirting (mostly over IM), and then full on love! But, I guess it feels like that sometimes doesn't it?

ANATOMY OF A BOYFRIEND definitely will take the reader back to relive those nice and not so nice memories of first love.

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  1. Cute review...Ive never heard of this one...but this is my first time at your blog, I love it such a great idea for the naughty books and clean books...:D


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