Saturday, March 5, 2011

AFTER EVER AFTER by Jordan Sonnenblick-REVIEW

Jeffrey and his friend Tad are cancer survivors. They are starting their 8th grade year. Jeffrey’s cancer treatment has left him struggling with certain subjects in school. Mainly Math. He is thrown for a loop when it is announced that in order to pass onto high school they must pass state mandated tests. Jeffrey knows there is no possible way for him to pass Math. Tad takes on the job as tutorer. Tad has been in a wheelchair for several years because of the cruel remarks of a girl. Jeffrey challenges Tad to work out so that he can walk across the stage during graduation.

A new girl from California comes to school. She becomes Jeffrey’s girlfriend. So many things are happening for Jeffrey this 8th grade year. His brother, after years of caring for Jeffrey, has gone to Africa to “find himself”. Jeff gets his first girlfriend. He is preparing for his annual bike ride to raise funds for cancer. All of that on top of being tutored by Tad.

When everything seems to be crashing down around his ears, Jeffrey finds he is surrounded by caring friends.

I have loved every one of Jordan Sonnenblick’s books. This one did not disappoint me. I laughed and I cried!


  1. This book is a good story but... the ending is sad.. :(

  2. Anonymous, that would be telling ;) You have to read it.


  3. A couple of times people have responded with the answer to this question. I refuse to post the answer. Read the book people, it is good :)


  4. i met jordan sonnenbilick in person he came to my school and his book drums girls and dangerous pie was based on a girl student in his class and he said out of all his years of teaching he has never seen anyone like her and her brother was strugling canser and she was willing to not pass the 8th grade just to stay with her brother while he got treatment and 1 week before the book was released he got a phone call that said her brother died and at the book signing he wasnt paying attention and she said i would like my book signed he looked up and it was her he hugged her for like 5 minutes ask him yourself

    1. Good to hear he is a nice person :)


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