Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday Break Reading Challenge Day 1

Welcome to Day 1

Today is going to be easy! 

In the comment section below, INTRODUCE yourself and tell us your GOALS for the Holiday Break Reading Challenge.  Make sure you give us your EMAIL in the comment so we can contact you if you win. 

These goals can be anything related to reading, books, writing reviews, or blogging.  Let's keep those "not eat myself into a coma on Christmas Day" goals to ourselves. :)

Julie and I will be choosing a random winner from the comments.

We will post our comments too, but don't worry!  We can't win the prizes. 


  1. I'm Beverly aka Booklady. I'm an elementary school librarian and a former teen/youth services/reference librarian. We are in school through Wednesday. I'm hoping for time and peace to read, but since multi-tasking is my middle name or maybe is should be overcommitted, I'm not sure how successful I'll be with the reading challenge. I'm hoping to get five "chapter" books completed and at least five picture books. And if I can get my lazy self off the couch, maybe I can sneak one in on Playaway as I walk around the neighborhood. I would also like to catch up with my blogs. Since I'm also an amateur photographer, I'd like to get some artsy book related photos done.

    I'll be posting my progress on my blog

  2. I forgot to leave my email address. I guess I didn't drink enough coffee this morning.

    Beverly aka Booklady

    Bevarcher at me dot com

  3. Welcome Beverly! Thanks for participating. Looks like we are getting a slow start to the challenge.

    I'm Julie :) the Edifying half of Edifying and Edgy. I used to work in a middle school library as a Library Assistant but budget cuts put me out of a job 2 and a half years ago. When the district was able to rehire this school year I decided not to go back to work. But NOW, I have applied for the job when I noticed it listed on the school job site again. I think I am crazy! My husband retires in 2 weeks though and I think I got a little panicky thinking about it! Of course I may not even get an interview which would be fine also :) We will see. I have not set any reading goals for the holiday break. Isn't that sad? I usually try to read some Christmas books this time of year, but haven't even gotten to do that. I think I need a reading pick-me-up. Maybe these challenges will help me to get motivated once more.


    1. I started out as an elementary school library assistant (or as the kids called me "the checker out lady") and then decided I wanted to be the librarian. I hope it works out for you whichever you really want it to be. I can understand the retirement panic. My husband retired from the Army after 24 years. The plan was to get another job to supplement his retirement and disability pay, but that hasn't quite worked out the way we had thought (or at least the way I had hoped.)

  4. Thanks for posting Beverly!!! I'm so happy you joined us. It might be a small group this year. JULIE!!!! I really wish we could work together again. I hope you get the job IF you want it.

    1. Where in Texas are you? I'm a Texan living in Colorado. I love both states, but I do miss Texas. We stayed here after my husband retired because at the time Texas was cutting school librarians and my district wasn't.

  5. Who knows Karin, maybe someday we will move down to Texas! You need to start hinting that you need a personal assistant! :)

    You didn't put your reading goals down Karin!

  6. Whoo! I almost missed day one of the HBRC! My name is Kristine Hall, and I'm a newly certified school librarian (thank you Sam Houston State U)who's quite happily giving it away for free to Grapevine High School library. I volunteer there every week and especially enjoy giving Reader's Advisory to the kids and blogging at .
    My goal for the HBRC is to win, win, win! Ha! Mostly kidding; I so enjoyed the creative bookie activities last year, and not only got some new resources/ideas, I had a blast participating. And yeah, though I only one once, it was very exciting. This is just fun.
    My email is Looking forward to it!

  7. Oh - I didn't put my reading goals, just my HBRC goals! I just hit my "Goodreads" Goal of 70 books, and here I have a couple of weeks left in the year. I conveniently just joined NetGalley, and so I have several downloads of books publishing in January which need to be devoured. Vague enough?

  8. I'm girlreading, aka Adrienne Butler. I'm the Youth Services Consultant for the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. My reading goal for HBRC is to get books read for my podcast and reading group. I have already reached my goal of 100 books read this year and I'd like to get as close to 200 as I can before the year ends. My email is


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