Wednesday, December 19, 2012

HBRC Day 4 - Find a New Blog

There are so many book blogs on the Internet that it is impossible to see every one of them.  Take some time today to explore the blogs that highlight books in your preferred genre.  Create a post with a picture of the blog through a screen shot and the web link.  Then, come back and link to your post using Linkz.

Karin's Discovery:

I came across when I was searching for blogs.  What attracted me at first was the giveaway for THE FARM. I really want to read the book so I entered right away.  Then, I started looking around and realized that I really liked her style.  I'm looking forward to following her blog.

Julie's Discovery:

deCompose is a blog by author Mike Duran. The reason I chose his blog was because he is one of those people that can irritate the fire out of me, but then I also find myself agreeing with him(sometimes). He not only reviews books, but he also posts thought-provoking topics that sometimes have me scratching my head saying "huh?" or shaking my head saying "you're off your rocker dude". I have yet to read one of his books because they are "Speculative Christian" which to me translates into the weird zone but evidently there is a market for. If you like intellectual discussions or theological debates then this is the blog for you. FYI, Mike is always a gracious host and as far as I have seen never lashes out at the people that get overzealous in their comments(as people tend to do...geesh!). 


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  1. Thanks for participating today ladies! I enjoyed your finds!


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