Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Look Ahead, Look Back by Annette Laing=REVIEW

Hannah, her brother Alex and their friend Brandon feel that they are about to be transported back in time once again. They can't explain the feeling, they just see the signs. They don't know when it is going to happen though. When Brandon and Alex dig up a skeleton they know the time is getting closer. Hannah is tired of being transported to different time periods. She wishes they had more control about when they go. They have always felt secure in their travels because at some point they run into the Professor who guides them on their mission. But this time the Professor has disappeared!

The friends find themselves in 1752 London. Hannah manages to find work at an Inn, Alex is nowhere to be found and Brandon is now a white boy in the service of the local preacher turned missionary. Through a series of events they all find themselves in America. Alex is now black and a slave to Mr. Gordon who also holds servant papers for Hannah.

Determined to find out who the skeletal remains are, they must each adjust to their new lot in life. Alex(now called Cato) is now afraid of white men, as his owner has been known to be cruel to slaves as an example to other slaves. Likewise Brandon is afraid of the black slaves as he has heard about the rebellions against white owners.

Set in a time when slavery was just becoming legal in Georgia the 3 friends find themselves suffering along with their fellow slaves and wondering if the Professor will ever show up to transport them back to the 21st century.

I really like time travel books! I have really enjoyed the Snipesville Chronicles as each story is connected. Look Ahead, Look Back left many unanswered questions so I am going to assume that there will be another book in the series. I still get frustrated with Hannah's whining and her self-centeredness! I enjoy the historical facts in each story, it gives such a reality to each book. Learning about England shipping their prisoners to America and the slave trade was very educational, and having that history all interwoven into an exciting story made the book a fast and enjoyable read.

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