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Based off of the short story of the same name by Edgar Allan Poe, Masque of the Red Death was an interesting read for me.

Araby is a troubled soul after witnessing the death of her twin brother Finn. Set in a time when the majority of the human population has died from a horrible contagion. Only the very rich can afford to buy the masks that filter out the contagious disease. Araby's father is the scientist that designed the masks. Prince Prospero is the one that controls the plant that makes the life-saving masks.

Araby desires to be numb so that she doesn't have to remember her brothers death. She seeks out dangerous drugs and alcohol to put her in this numbed state of mind. When Will, who works at the Debauchery Club, saves Araby's life and takes her home to his young brother and sister, Araby finds a reason to live.

With unrest in the city and Araby's best friend April disappearing, Araby is confused as to who to trust. Can she trust April's brother Elliot who's uncle Prince Prospero killed their father? Can she trust her father, who would do anything to get his wife back from Prince Prospero? Or can she trust Will who seems the most trustworthy of them all?

At first I had a hard time getting into this book. But as I continued reading I became invested in the characters. It was an interesting story that kept my attention. I even got out my Edgar Allan Poe stories and poems book to read the original Masque of the Red Death. I wanted to compare them. Of course it is a bit difficult to compare a short story with a 319 page novel, but I wanted to at least know what the original was about. I have to admit if there is some symbolism attached to either story I missed it. I just enjoyed what I read and didn't look any deeper into the writing than just the entertainment factor. I did get a bit frustrated with Araby in her drug use and her leading both Elliot and Will along. And actually in reality did she lead them along or did she just take advantage of the one that was with her at the time?

Sexual Content: tame
Language Content: tame
Violence Content: death from disease
Drug Use: The main character numbs her despair using some type of drug administered by a needle, but later on she determines to handle life without the use of mind-numbing drugs.

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  1. I loved this book but I think it's definitely one of those that you need to stick with before it gets going. I loved the writing and the world Bethany created, so I wasn't too fussed about the slow start!

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