Friday, March 23, 2012

THUMPED by Megan McCafferty-REVIEW

READ BUMPED before you read THUMPED. You will be totally lost is you don’t.

Harmony and Melody are in the spotlight. Identical twins, separated at birth, both pregnant and due on the SAME DAY!!! Of course that is news. The cameras follow Melody everywhere as she goes about her life, sometimes even appearing in public with Jondoe (the sperm donor). Harmony is safe from most of the paparazzi because she is back home behind the guarded gates of Goodside living her life with Ram. 

Even though Harmony and Melody are the most envied girls in the world, neither one of them is particularly happy. While Melody knows what she is doing is important for the world and for her sister, it is costing her more than she imagined – the one guy she really loves.  Harmony always felt she was meant to live in Goodside, but after returning from her time in the outside, things have changed. She wants more out of life and doesn’t feel comfortable with the people of Goodside anymore.

The girls know they are doing the right thing, but as they get closer and closer to the Double Double Due Date life get tougher and tougher. Only telling the truth will set them free, but is the world ready for what they have to say?

McCafferty gives us a nice conclusion to BUMPED, but I really missed all the world building and word play that was in the first book.  Also, we didn’t get enough romance.  I definitely wanted more Melody and Zen, but especially Harmony and Jondoe.  THUMPED really brings the topic of motherhood to the forefront instead of simply the act of getting pregnant like in BUMPED.  The back of the book says this is the conclusion to BUMPED so it seems to me that this is the last one in the series. 

Out of the two books, BUMPED is clearly my favorite.

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