Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Victor Frankenstein wasn’t always the mad scientist we know him as today. Once he was simply a rebellious and rambunctious young man living a privileged life. It’s not until his identical twin, Konrad, becomes ill that his mind begins straying to thoughts of alchemy. Well, that and the fact that he, along with his brother and distant cousin Elizabeth, stumble upon a hidden library deep within their chateau. Not an ordinary library though, but one filled with books of recipes for magic potions and elixirs. 
When their father finds them in the Dark Library, he asks them to promise never to return because of the dangers of the information they might find. Alchemy is a foolish and dark endeavor and one that is illegal to perform. To Victor, the library is an interesting place filled with mysterious books and Konrad’s possible death provides Victor with the excuse to return. Enlisting the help of their best friend Henry and beautiful Elizabeth, Victor finds a recipe for something called the Elixir of Life and is willing to stop at nothing to find a way to concoct the potion. 

The journey is a dangerous one and filled with much adventure. Not only does Victor have to conquer his fears, but he must also fight his growing feelings for Elizabeth and increasing jealousy of Konrad. Will Victor be able to find a way to save Konrad or is it foolish for him to even try as his father says?

My heart goes out to Victor. Konrad is more charming, smarter, and the favorite of the staff. When he finds out that Elizabeth loves Konrad, too it is almost more than he can take. Will his feelings for Elizabeth get in the way of his desire to save Konrad?

THE DARK ENDEAVOR is an interesting take on the Frankenstein classic. Kenneth Oppel has answered our question, “What led Frankenstein to his fascination with creating life where there is none?”  The sequel, SUCH WICKED INTENT comes out August 2012.

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