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Normally I’m not one to reread books.  The way I feel about it, and I know this is totally silly, is if I’m rereading a book I’ve already read I’m taking time away from a new book I could be reading. I feel guilty. I mean, there are so many new books to read that I already can’t read them all so why make it worse by spending time on something I’ve already experienced.  BUT, there are those rare books that force me out of this crazy mindset.  Because of this, Julie and I decided to start E & E’s Reading Rewind. In this and future posts we’ll highlight books we’ve loved so much we had to read them again. 

Karin's Rewind:

Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

Read the first time in ARC Format in April 2011
Read the second time in Audiobook format in November 2011
This story is brought to you by The Corporation: Because your life can always be better.
50 contestants in the Miss Teen Dream pageant on 1 plane flying to a wonderful beach location to strut their stuff in their evening gowns and bathing suits. Only one will take the crown.
Unfortunately, they don’t make it to the pageant. While they do make it to a beautiful beach – it isn’t the one they planned. After a plane crash leaves them stranded, the girls must find a way to survive using the skills they have at their disposal like traditional Nigerian drumming, traditional Indian dancing, and baton twirling. The girls split themselves into two groups. One, absolutely sure a rescue plane is on the way, decides they should continue practicing for the pageant and begins a schedule of dancing and exercising. They call themselves the Sparkle Ponies. The other group decides to spend their time trying to find shelter, food, and drinkable water. They call themselves the Lost Girls.
The contestants get to know each other very well during their time on the beach and even uncover a dangerous conspiracy that could lead to downfall of the Miss Teen Dream pageant.
BEAUTY QUEENS is filled with humor. Libba Bray has done an amazing job creating this unique story. Interspersed throughout the story are advertisements for products such as, Lady ‘Stache Off with triple beauty action (you can moisturize and self-tan while you rip that unsightly hair from every pore) and Miss Teen Dream Fun Fact Pages for many of the contestants. This is a silly story that was a joy to read. But, even though silliness abounds – that doesn’t mean there aren’t important life lessons sprinkled throughout too. While some people have criticized the cover for being sexist – I think it fits perfectly.
This book was hilarious. It was weird and quirky and just so different than anything else I’ve read.  I’m so glad I listened to the audiobook because it made it even better in my mind.  Libba Bray, the author, narrates the audio superbly.  There are so many creative bells and whistles that really bring the story to life. If you haven’t been WOWed by audiobooks in the past be sure to give this one a try. I’m very disappointed and amazed that it didn’t win any audiobook awards last year. The winner of the YALSA Odyssey Audiobook Award this year is ROTTERS by Daniel Kraus and, while I think the story is great (creepy and dark), the audio performance isn’t near as creative as BEAUTY QUEENS. Anyway, BEAUTY QUEENS is one of those books that I can pick up and read just for fun and comfort.  It is like that movie I watch over and over again and still enjoy.


The thing about re-reading books that is comforting to me is that they are like visiting old friends. Sometimes while reading other books the tension in the story gets to me, or there is anxiety over the angst that is being portrayed. In re-reading a book, I know what is going to happen, I know how the ending is going to turn out. There is no anxiety, it is JUST FOR FUN! Before I became a blogger I used to reread all of the time. Every year I would read the same books over and over. Now I don't seem to have the time. Like Karin, there are so many other books out there that I just don't have time to get to my old friends anymore. In an effort to remedy that situation this year I have committed to participate in a contentment reading challenge:

  In the challenge we get to pick the level that we think we can accomplish. I chose WADING, which is to re-read 10 books this year that I have already read. The first book that I chose this year to read was NEW MOON by Stephenie Meyer. I didn't start with TWILIGHT because I re-read that last year.

NEW MOON by Stephenie Meyer:

New Moon is not my favorite book in the Twilight series. This is the book that Edward leaves Bella and Jacob comes into the picture. I don’t like the despair that Bella goes into when Edward leaves. I don’t like the fact that even though Bella tells Jacob that she can’t love him she still uses him to keep her thoughts off of Edward. On the upside though, finding out that Jacob is a werewolf was pretty stinkin cool! The humor among the wolf brothers was great! I have sympathy for Jacob. But really, I will always be TEAM EDWARD! 

I never really officially reviewed the Twilight series because by the time I got to it everyone knew what it was about. I just gave the reason behind why I liked the series. Honestly I don't know why I chose to re-read it this time around except that I re-read Twilight last year and I like to read books in order whenever possible. 

We hope you will all enjoy this new feature!

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