Sunday, January 1, 2012

HBRC Day 17 - Book Trailer for #1 Book of 2011

Using any video editing program you want, create a book trailer using text and images for your #1 book of the year.  Be sure to include the title, author, and the cover of the book somewhere in your trailer.  Come back here and link your post using the Simply Linked at the bottom.

Karin's Book Trailer:

Julie's Book Trailer:

Since I have never vlogged(video blogging as I understand it) I went a totally different route than Karin did. I just did a quick video off of my camera of me telling what is my favorite book of the year. Very amateur, but there ya have it!


  1. Thanks for doing this challenge, it has been great fun!!

  2. I am with Tracy- this was great fun and one more way to stay connected. Thank you, Julie & Karin!

  3. Bummer, I don't have time to do this challenge today. I guess I will just have to post mine tomorrow. Great fun this whole thing.

  4. I could NOT make a Book Trailer for this book! Read what I had to say about it! I would have detracted from this book had I done a trailer for it. This book is SOOOO SPECIAL TO ME!!! I did, though, reveal the book and talked about it!!
    I am going to send you two an email about some Blogs that have OODLES AND OODLES OF READING CHALLENGES!!!! Thanks to you two, you MUST check out this page now!!! My Challenges page!! I am now in 7 Challenges!!! Plus, two for just January!!! Maybe you'll join me???
    I did HIT the JACKPOT of finding challenges! wow!! I'll send over the blog addy's in the email!
    Thanks SOOO much for that challenge to FIND challenges!! wow, did I EVER!


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