Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Break Reading Challenge HEADS UP

I want to give you guys a heads up about an activity we have scheduled for Day 14. It is one that can be time consuming depending on how you go about it. I want every one to have a chance to participate so i want to give you plenty of time to get it together.

Here it is:

You will need to create a collage of the books you've read this year. So, you'll need to find and save all the book covers (I used Goodreads) and then find a program that will accommodate your needs. There are many free programs for creating collages on the Internet. Use this as an excuse to explore. Julie and I will each have an example posted and we each used something different to create our collage.

Have fun with this one.

Also, you might want to think about your Top 11 Books of 2011. You never know when that information will be handy. :)

Oh, it wouldn't hurt to brush up on how to make Book Trailers either. Maybe in conjunction with your #1 Book of 2011.

I'm posting this from my phone so I don't know exactly how it will look. I'm attaching a picture of a collage I did for my calendar this year. I make one every year just to make my meetings/schedule fun to look at. I've always loved collages. That is how the collage activity became a part of the HBRC.

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