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HBRC Day 2 - A Story in Pictures

1 - List the title and author of the book you are currently reading.

2 - Use any photo hosting site (Google Images, Flickr, Photobucket, FlickrCC, etc.) to find photos related to your book. "The image(s) you post need to have something to do with the book you're currently reading. You can post a painting or photograph that makes you think of the story or the characters, choose a few pictures that highlight some of the book's most important elements, or do a little of both. The only thing you can't do is just post the cover art and leave it at that, though you're welcome to include a cover image alongside your other selections." (Stella Matutina)

3 - Put a short description with each picture explaining what it means to the book.

4 - Link to your specific Story in Pictures post below.

Here is Karin's example:

At the time of this post I'm reading WATERFALL by Lisa Tawn Bergren.

Two teenage sisters, Lia and Gabi...

In Italy on an archeological dig.

Sneak away to get a look inside one of the prize finds of the trip - an Etruscan Tomb.

Inside, the tomb Gabi finds something strange on the wall.  Two hand prints - side-by-side.  When she touches one she immediately feels warmth. The other hand print is too small for her hand and feels cold to the touch.  She asks Lia to put her hand in it and it fits perfectly. Together, Gabi and Lia are sucked through a time portal. Gabi manages to get her hand free first and has to pull Lia off. When Gabi finds herself on the floor of the dark tomb, she finds she is alone. Where could Lia have gone? Did she remain at home?  Is she stuck in some other time?

Gabi forces her way out of the tomb only to find herself in the middle of a battle.
"Rescued" by who she hopes is the good guy, Gabi is taken to the safety of the Forelli Castle.
The people don't know what to think of her weird clothing so she makes up a story as quickly as possible saying she is traveling and got separated from her mother and sister. The people at the castle immediately agree to help her find her family.

Gabi is fascinated by the people and lifestyle of 13th Century and looking at the handsome Marcello Forelli isn't bad either.  She soon begins to develop feelings for him.  Too bad he is betrothed to someone else.

Gabi is thrown into the middle of the dangers of the political situations of the time and must avoid treachery at every turn. Gabi and Lia lend a hand in the battle to protect the Forelli land by using the skills their recently-dead father taught them. 

Gabi is skilled with the sword.

Lia is a master with a bow and arrow.
Will the girls survive their time in the 13th Century? Will they be able to find a way back home? Does Gabi even want to leave?

Here is Julie's example:

The book I am currently reading is:

  This is an anthology of 4 stories. I usually don't like to read short stories because I always feel ripped off! But it was a freebie for my Kindle and I wanted to read some Christmas stories for the season so this is what I'm reading right now.

In the first story Angel in the Attic Fara Canaday has inherited her fathers estate. Unfortunately this has brought all of the men seeking to gain her hand in marriage. Fara will have none of it and runs off every man that comes within sight of her
All seems to be going well for her until one snowy night she finds Aaron Hyatt almost dead in the snow with a bullet hole through his arm. Fara drags him to her abandoned cabin. Believing him to be an outlaw she is determined to get him healed and in to town to the sheriff. 

At first Aaron believes he was rescued by an angel. Soon sparks fly between he and Fara
Will Aaron be able to tame this wild filly of a girl? 

I've read 2 other stories in the book but for the sake of keeping it short I'll stop with this one.

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  1. I am late and the winners have been drawn, but I HAD to go this challenge!! It was TOOO much fun to pass up!! Thanks for the FUN!!
    Laurie Carlson


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