Friday, December 30, 2011

HBRC Day 15 - 2012 Reading/Blogging Goals

Inevitably when I think of goals I think of my past failures and try and come up with something that I can shoot for so I won't fail again.  This is kind of a pessimistic way to look at goals I think. But, I am what I am.  You don't have to be that way.  I guess another way to look at goals would be if there were something new you wanted to learn. Hmmm.  I think I like that better. 

Today's activity is for you to come up with goals for your reading and blogging life. Below you can see our examples.  Be sure to create a blog post and come back to link it to the Simply Linked below.

Karin's Goals:

1. Blog EVERYDAY!!!

I fall behind and then it becomes overwhelming.  I need to have something posted every day.  Even if I have to resort to some mini-reviews.  I might start working in some shorter books too. I'd love to participate in #bookaday, but I know that would be a total crash and burn for me.

2. Read 200 books.  

For the last several years I've hovered around the 115 mark. This year I might make it to 130, but that is if I really hustle. My goal this year was 150 so I didn't make it so why in the world do I think I can do 200? Crazy I guess.

3. Learn PhotoShop or some other photo manipulating software.  

I'd love to be one of those people who creates blog designs or cool buttons. I'd like to find a class to take so I can get instruction with hands-on practice.  I know that sounds kind of nerdy, but so far, experimenting on my own hasn't resulted in much success.

Julie's Goals: 

Oh wow! This is always a hard one for me. People always come up with such lofty goals and then I feel like a slug because I can't come up with anything exciting. 

1. I too would like to increase my reading and blogging. I found this year that I slowed down significantly starting in August. I guess I need to spread my Christmas crafting out through the whole year instead of cramming it all in between August and December. I would like to reach 150 in 2012. That seems modest, but considering that I haven't gotten past 120 this year it has potential of being a reachable goal.

2. I would like to be more faithful to blogs that I love. I seem to be on the computer a lot during the day but still miss out on going to visit the blogs that I love. On the opposite of that I would like to weed my bookmarks of blogs that I no longer am interested in keeping up with. BUT I would also like to find new blogs that capture my interest. Hmmm, I never thought I was ADD but maybe that is why I'm having trouble keeping up!

I think I'll keep the goals at 2 that way I can maybe keep up with them.


  1. This one was hard. I can't believe I keep forgetting to do these.

  2. I made it on time, again! I put SO much work into these Challenges, I am finding myself working to the last MINUTE!!
    I am SO GLAD to put the work into them, and SO GLAD you have given us these Challenges because otherwise I may NOT have done them!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS CHALLENGE!! For a VARIETY of reasons! I AM getting things done I would WANT to do, but most likely might NOT have done, had it NOT been for you two! THANK YOU!
    I SURE hope you host this SAME kind of Challenge next year!! I'll BRIBE you if I have to!!! LOL!!! Because I don't know with what or how!!!
    Laurie Carlson
    laurieisreading at gmail dot com

  3. P.S. My ankle feels a LOT better today!! The brace is working GREAT! Staying OFF the foot, still, and it's helping SO much! Just wanted to let you know!

  4. Glad you made it today Pixie!

    Glad you are enjoying the challenges! And especially glad that your ankle is doing much better. Continue to give it rest and you'll be up and running soon!



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