Sunday, December 25, 2011

HBRC Day 10 - Books As Gifts

We all have books that are special to us. Today's challenge is to choose a book or books that you have received as a gift/gifts that mean something special to you.

Julie's Book:

A family friend introduced me to Anne! I fell in love with this book and read it many times. This was probably the start of my series collection fetish! After I finished Anne of Green Gables I had to get the rest of the series! We called this family friend Auntie June. Notice the year she gave me this was 1974 and it was Christmas! I was 9 years old.

Karin's Book:

I've received many books as gifts over the years, but two stick out in my mind.  Unfortunately, I don't have wonderful inscriptions in mine though. (See? Julie is just so organized she keeps everything and knows right where it is. I'm always jealous of her.)  I did at least find the exact covers of the books I have. :)

When I was in Junior High my father gave me this copy of The Complete Tales & Poems of Edgar Allan Poe.  I loved it.  I used a pencil to put checkmarks in the Table of Contents beside the stories I'd read.  I still have this book.  It is made it with me for 27 years and all of my moves.

In High School, my boyfriend gave me this book for my 16th birthday!  What a sweetie.  He knew just want I wanted. Well, he also gave me balloons and roses, but they didn't last.  I still have the book. :)

Hmmmm, it seems I might have had a warped childhood by looking at the books I read.  Can you see why Julie is the Edifying half of the blog and I'm the Edgy? Anne of Green Gables.  ICK!!! Ha Ha.

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  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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