Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Juliette has been locked in a small cell completely alone for almost a year.  Isolation is all she knows.  For 264 days she has been silent.  For 264 days she hasn’t touched anyone. 264 days without information. 264 days without knowing what is going to happen. 264 days of wishing she was dead.

Without warning a boy is shoved in her cell and panic floods her body.  The closeness of his body is too much to handle after so much aloneness.  It doesn’t take long for her to realize who he is. Is it a trick? Why would Adam be in the asylum?

It turns out Adam has a very specific reason for being in the cell with Juliette.  Someone wants her as a weapon to wage war on those rebelling against the Reestablishment. What is it that Juliette can do? Her abilities are revealed to the reader slowly through periodic flashbacks.  Juliette doesn’t have anyone she can trust. No one who wants what is best for her – or does she?

It is easy to see why SHATTERED is being compared to X-men.  In the second half of the book the reader is introduced to a paranormal world bent on putting a stop to the controlling power of the Reestablishment.

What is amazing about this book is the writing. Tahereh Mafi is a master of metaphors. I wanted to constantly jot down my favorite lines from the story.  I really wished for the ability to share the lines instantly over Twitter or Facebook so everyone could see how beautiful the writing is.  For those of you out there that need help with metaphors, pick up the book, open to a random page, and I bet there will be one there.

In addition to the wonderful language in the book, the author has written one heck of a romance. Juliette and Adam’s scenes are HOT. My goodness!  Everyone is going to wish they had an Adam after they finish SHATTER ME.

There will definitely be a sequel.  I mean there is NO WAY there can’t be. Juliette has a lot to learn and a lot to do.

Violence= Moderate to high 
Sexual Content=Intense romantic situations
Language=Not much to speak of

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