Saturday, September 24, 2011

TORRENT by Lisa T. Bergren-REVIEW

Gabi, Lia and their mother return to the time before their father dies in order to save him. They then race back to the 14th century. A year has passed and Fortino is still being held prisoner. Negotiations to gain his release have failed. The only way Firenze will agree to his release is a trade, the She-Wolves of Siena for Fortino.

Once again Gabi finds herself in Lord Greco's care. Only this time she is being forced to marry him in order to gain peace between Siena and Firenze. Will Marcello be able to rescue Gabi once again? What about Gabi's confusing feelings for Greco?

The third installment of the River of Time series is every bit as exciting as the first. When I turned the last page I found myself wanting more! When first Lord Greco was introduced I wasn't sure if I liked him. I couldn't understand what the hype was when I read about everyone swooning over him! But after finishing Torrent I must say I am a HUGE fan! Marcello, Greco and Luca prove to be swoon-worthy, hunky, chivalrous knights and I'm looking forward to reading more about them.   I was just looking at Lisa T. Bergren's website and it looks like there is a 4th book planned. Tentatively called Tributary. Lisa has a chapter posted for us to read. I don't know when it will be released, but I can't wait! Check out Lisa's website here for more books that she has written.

Sexual Content: It stops at the bedroom door!
Language Content: NONE
Violence Content: It was a violent time in history, not overly descriptive, but people do die.

This is a MUST READ series! Check out all 3!


  1. Thanks, Julie! Really appreciate you diving into book 3 too! I'm wanting to write TRIBUTARY, but the publisher doesn't have enough sales history yet to thanks for doing your part to get the word out on the series. Here's hoping! I'm DYING to get back to my River Tribe!

  2. Oh no! You must write Tributary! I have been spreading the word about the series. Who could not love them?


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