Thursday, July 7, 2011

Z by Michael Thomas Ford-REVIEW

Josh is a top-rated player in a virtual zombie hunting game. He plays every chance he gets – even though his mother frequently grounds him from it.  Hunting zombies isn’t a game to his mother.  Her sister was infected with the virus that turned her into a raving, deadly monster.

The video game models what the world went through years ago when zombies were a problem.  The government formed teams of Torchers to hunt and kill the zombies and a lot of people still have those horrible pictures in their minds.  The kids playing the virtual reality game  didn’t live through the horrors of the zombie scare and find it thrilling to hunt and torch them.

When Josh gets a personal invitation to join an elite group of players to hunt very realistic zombies, he is thrilled.  Not only does he get to play the game he loves up close and personal, but it is live action and he gets a chance to make some money too.  The better he plays, the more he makes.

It doesn’t take long for Josh to realize things aren’t exactly as they seem.  The zombies they are fighting are extremely realistic and some of his teammates begin to disappear. He soon finds out what it means to fight for his life and what it was like when zombies could pop up anywhere at anytime.

Z is a story filled with a lot of zombie-killing action. If you need a book to lure in a reluctant boy reader – this is it!!!

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