Monday, May 23, 2011

SOULLESS by Christopher Golden-REVIEW

For the first time ever, three powerful mediums are going to join hands on a live morning TV show in order to conduct the largest ever seance. The minute they join hands, people in the live studio audience begin to hear voices and feel the bone chilling cold that is so often associated with the spirit world. Panic breaks out and rightly so….the spirits have been given the opportunity to come through an open door into the world of the living and they aren’t wasting any time.

Spirits are returning to their dead and decomposing bodies and raising up from their graves. Zombies begin to brutally attack anyone unfortunate enough to get in their path. A group of strangers are thrown together and forced to find a way to survive - even if what they have to do is very unpleasant.

Christopher Golden has delivered a genuine horror novel. Blood and gore flow free throughout the chapters. However, as weird as this may sound, the violence portrayed in SOULLESS is done tastefully and not disgusting at all. SOULLESS is a thrill ride - a thrill ride with flesh eating zombies every step of the way.

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