Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hoping to not repeat the Year of Humiliating Events(YOHE) that was Erin P. Swifts 7th grade year she embarks on her 8th grade year with high hopes.

She meets her new locker partner Reede. Reede offers to “make-over” Erin’s looks. Erin can’t deny that she admires Reede for her seeming maturity and makeup savvy but at the same time she worries that Reede’s skills in the computer lab may usurp her own.

Mark is Erin’s best friend. They play basketball together, they tease each other. Erin had a crush on him the year before but now Mark has a girlfriend and Erin has a new boyfriend. Some of her other friends swear that they will turn out to be a Harry Met Sally couple.

Erin can’t seem to talk to her mother anymore. Her mother doesn’t seem to understand her. Erin seems to only be able to talk to her friend Mr. F the school custodian whom she shares many secrets with and gets good advice from.

When her brother brings over a total HOTTIE friend Erin thinks that she is in love. He makes her feel older than she really is. He is 3 years older than her and she is willing to risk friendships and parental disappointment to prove to him how grown up she is.

When tragedy strikes Erin finds out what truly matters in her world.

I really enjoyed this story. Working with Middle Schoolers I totally see all of the boyfriend/girlfriend events going on. Denise Vega really captured the essence of the Middle School community.

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  1. It seems pretty cool and the cover is pretty quirky!!!
    Thanks for the review!


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