Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DARK PARTIES by Sara Grant - REVIEW #2

Neva lives with her mother and father under the Protectosphere - an electronically charged dome that covers and protects the population. The Homeland tells the people there is nothing beyond the Protectosphere except an unliveable wasteland.

Young people are encouraged to get married and have children in order to increase the dwindling population. Neva and her friends don't like being forced and manipulated to have children and make a pact to abstain from sex.

Neva keeps track of people who have disappeared over the years. At the top of the list is her Grandmother. She doesn't believe what the government told her family about her Grandmother dying and always holds on to hope that she'll see her again someday.

When Neva and her friends can't stand by and watch what's going on anymore , they attempt to start an underground rebellion. They knew it would be dangerous, but they never realized just how much the government was keeping secret. Neva and her friends might be the next ones to go missing if they don't stay one step ahead of the government.

DARK PARTIES is an interesting dystopian novel. It includes friendship, survived, betrayal, and suspense. The story will keep you turning pages until you get to the exciting conclusion.

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