Saturday, August 7, 2010

GLIMPSE by Carol Lynch Williams-REVIEW

Lizzie and Hope are as close as two sisters can be; so, when Hope walks in on Lizzie with a shotgun in her mouth, Hope is thrown into a world of confusion. She can’t imagine what would drive Lizzie to such an extreme action.

After Lizzie is taken to the hospital and put in lockdown, Hope is left alone in the house with her inattentive, prostitute mother. She does her best to keep up a normal life even though Lizzie is always in the back of her mind.

In a visit with the hospital’s therapist, Hope finds out about a journal Lizzie kept and after seeing how anxious it makes her mother, Hope realizes she needs to find it. She knows her mother did something to make Lizzie attempt suicide, but can’t decide what. Her mother has been acting guilty and scared ever since she found out about the journal and Hope knows if her mother finds it before her, no one will ever find out what Lizzie wrote.

GLIMPSE is a heart-wrenching story about the deep love between two sisters and Hope’s courage as she finds a way to rescue Lizzie from the hell her life has become. Told in verse, GLIMPSE is a fast-paced story that will grab you as soon as you finish the first page. Carol Lynch Williams handles this edgy topic with grace and finesse. If you enjoyed THE CHOSEN ONE, you’ll definitely want to read GLIMPSE

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