Sunday, July 11, 2010


Maybelline(named after her mother’s favorite mascara) and her mother Chessy live in an apartment above her mother’s charm school. They live in Florida. Chessy has been married 6 times and is getting ready to marry husband number 7. Mabelline(Maybe for short), has a style all her own. She has done the beauty pageant circuit and was a big disappointment to her mother.
Maybe’s best friends are Hollywood(Daniel) and Ted. Hollywood has aspirations of going to college in California to study film. He always has a camera in front of him and always seems to be filming Maybe. Ted is adopted and his parents are always wanting him to be in touch with his Thai culture.
Hollywood is accepted into a college in California. When something happens at home that causes Maybe to want to leave the 3 friends decide on a road trip to California. At first they are all staying in Hollywood’s dorm room but when his roommate arrives Maybe and Ted must find other options. They end up sleeping in student lounges for a while. Ted finds a job next which then leaves Maybe on her own. Maybe is searching for her biological father. Concerned for her well-being Ted looks up one of her ex step-fathers and drops her off at his house.
From there Maybe’s life takes on different twists and turns. She ends up working in a taco truck with Jessica. She finds that she actually enjoys it. Hollywood wins a Documentary contest and Ted is working for an older actress. Maybe finds her real dad but is he all that she hopes for him to be?
I really liked this story. It’s a story of friendship, self-discovery, family and love.


  1. Right now I feel like I can read anything. This book seems like a great distraction for me.


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