Wednesday, April 7, 2010

AFTER by Amy Efaw - REVIEW

Devon is a young, athletic girl with a bright future as a soccer player. The Olympics have even been linked to her name. How could a girl like this end up doing something as horrible as throwing a newborn baby in the trash along with other refuse from around the house?

While canvasing the apartment building looking for information about the abandoned baby, a police officer finds his way to Devon’s door. Her mother, recently home from a night shift at Safeway, answers the door and starts her usual flirting. She informs the police officer that her daughter, Devon, stayed home from school that day because she was sick. It didn’t take long for the police officer to put two and two together.

Very quickly, Devon is thrust into a world she never imagined for herself. A world filled with kids with problems more complicated than she ever experienced. A world in a juvenile detention facility under observation 24 hours a day. A world without anyone she can call a friend.
The reader witnesses Devon’s story unfold piece by piece, almost as if we are understanding what transpired at the same time Devon does. What readers will find most amazing about the entire story is the level of denial Devon immerses herself in order to function everyday. Devon isn’t a likable character, mostly because of the strict discipline holds herself to in terms of school work and soccer. She rarely lets herself loose, which means people don’t know who she really is – including the reader.

I didn’t want to stop reading. I needed to find out what pushed Devon to do something so horrible. Through conversations with her lawyer in preparation for a trial to determine whether or not she’ll be judged in the juvenile system or be sent to the adult courts, we get a good pictures of what was going through Devon’s head.

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  1. Our Chick Lit Book Club read this book for our March meeting. We had one of the best and longest discussions that we've ever had in four years! Teens and adult women loved this book and the main character. Also, many were pleased that this delicate subject was written about with such care. Thanks for the review!


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