Thursday, February 18, 2010


The town of Skeleton Creek holds a lot of secrets. Especially secrets about an old gold dredge. Ryan and Sarah decided they want to explore the old dredge. They go exploring in the middle of the night. When they see a ghost, Ryan gets so scared that he falls and breaks his leg. His parents forbid him to have any more contact with his best friend, Sarah. They think she is the one that gets him into trouble. Ryan and Sarah decide to keep in touch through e-mail which they then delete from their computers and their computer history so that their parents can't tell they've been keeping in touch.

Sarah has a video camera. She video's herself and then sends the video's to Ryan. The thing that is unique about the book is that the reader can go online and listen and watch Sarah's videos to Ryan.

Through the videos and trips to the old dredge we, as the readers and viewers, get to see what Sarah and Ryan see. There are ghostly images and some scary things that even made me jump as I watched. I think it was a very well put together book and I enjoyed it very much. I recommend it and the sequel, The Ghost in the Machine, to the middle school age student. We actually can't keep a copy of it in our library because it is always checked out.

One of the drawbacks of the book would be if the student does not have access to a computer at home. Skeleton Creek does leave you hanging at the end, but picks right up in the sequel.

With little or no language or sexual content I have no qualms about featuring it as one of my Edifying posts.

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  1. Hmm I've been in a mood lately to read something scary (which is a miracle for me I should get checked out)and since this you recommend this for middle school students I should hopefully be able to handle this :P


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