Thursday, January 28, 2010

A SHADOW IN THE DARK by Ronica Stromberg - REVIEW

Kirsten Hart, her mother and her younger brother Eric have moved to the country following her parents’ divorce. While out walking the neighborhood to see if there are any girls her age, she comes to an old woman’s home. Before knocking she thinks that she sees someone looking out of one of the windows. As she leans closer to look the old woman opens the front door and catches her peeking in. The old woman is not happy. When Kirsten asks to meet the girl that she saw in the window the old woman denies that there is anyone else in the house. So starts Kirsten’s summer.

Kirsten’s mother remembers that some other neighbors are having their granddaughter stay with them for the summer. Kirsten goes to meet her. Gail and Kirsten spend the rest of their summer trying to find out whom the old woman is hiding in her home. After telling Kirsten’s mother, Gail’s grandparents and the police the girls realize that they are the only ones to “save” the girl being held captive.

One thing that Kirsten learns about Gail is that she is a Christian. Everything that Kirsten has heard about Christians is that they are weird. Gail surprises her with her faith. Throughout the story Gail’s steady faith in God impresses Kirsten. Pressures from old friends, guilt for enjoying her new friend, a dad that never follows through with his promises, and worry about the girl being held captive all eventually lead Kirsten to the one person that can give her peace and ultimate friendship…Jesus.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The story has heart-pounding action as well as humor. Ronica Stromberg captures the inward struggles that a pre-teen girl can go through. Struggles of acceptance, relationships with family and friends and ultimately struggles with faith.

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  1. I'm going to have to read A Shadow In The Dark just because the book is by someone named Ronica (my real name)!!

    Thanks for this site, it's great!

  2. Lilrongal,

    It's always fun finding someone with my first name because it's so rare. There's a country western singer, Ronica Coldiron, who has a song in which guys use her name over and over. The first time I heard it I had to laugh because I'm so not used to hearing my name in a song. It's on my to-buy list too. You might want to check out the sequel to this book, too: "Living It Up to Live It Down." Happy reading!


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