Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Who are Karin and Julie?

Karin is an Assistant Professor in Library Science at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX. Young adult literature is her passion. She spends much of her free time reading and writing reviews. She has finished the first draft of a young adult novel and would love to be a published author sometime in the future. Karin loves to read paranormal romance, fantasy, dystopian science fiction, and gritty contemporary fiction. She maintains two other blogs, Karin's Book Nook and Reading Electronically.

Karin is the EDGY half of Edifying and Edgy. So, what does it take to be included as an Edgy title on the Edifying and Edgy blog? The books will have one, some, or all of the following content included:
  • Strong language (the use of curse words)
  • Sexual situations
  • Drinking
  • Drugs
  • Adult situations
  • Violence

Julie used to be Karin's library assistant in a public school in Oklahoma. She started out in an elementary school and then was convinced to make the move to the middle school after Karin transferred. In these tough economic times the school district where she worked decided to lay off all library assistants, so now, Julie stays home to watch movies, read, and eat bonbons. She loves to read, crochet, and learn new things on the computer! She's a wife, mother and grandmother of three. Her favorite books to read are inspirational romance, mysteries, and young adult literature.

The definition of edifying is:
to instruct or benefit, esp. morally or spiritually; uplift

The books featured by Julie on this blog will be ones that provide a great story while at the same time refraining from showing teens participating in risky behavior. You can also find Julie at My Favorite Pastime.


  1. I love this idea (and your design). Looking forward to future reviews!

  2. I love how you have done your blog!

  3. Thanks so much Book Diva! We have fun with it! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)


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